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I still love you . i hope you know that.. i really hope everything works out in life for you hopefully you'll find out what you want in life.


the fact that i’m not sure who this is because it could literally be a number of people just shows how fucked up of a person i am.

i’m sorry that you used to know me.


Alison’s house (left) and Max and Dani’s house (right) from Hocus Pocus in Salem, MA.

instead of answering negative anon asks, i’m just going to delete them.

if you have a problem with me then contact me directly. if you don’t have my number then you don’t know me well enough to have a problem.


Brian has a zit on his face and he is trying to hide it, it has a band-aid covering it. He’s kinda mad Daisy is even taking the pic but it’s in Brian’s room when he was younger the source is from Scott Mitchell or Daisy Berkowitz himself




The sky does some seriously beautiful things sometimes.

I live for pretty skies.

omg i love so much